Learning a new language as an adult is vastly different than learning a new language as a child. Once a child reaches the age of reason, his/her native language, once learned by picking up on his/her guardians’ speech, becomes amalgamated into his/her mind. Once a child passes that threshold, he/she learns language in a new way. Teenagers and above learn new languages by association. They associate new words they learn with their first language’s vocabulary, syntax, and grammar. They pick up on patterns in the new language and associate those patterns with patterns they have seen and learned in their native tongue.

In the age of technology, there are endless ways to learn new languages. With a wide array of different software programs in existence to help you learn , I want to share three of them with you that I think are particularly epic. These three software programs are the following:

  1. Rosetta Stone
  2. DuoLingo
  3. Babbel

These programs offer unique value propositions to customers who are eager to learn new languages.

1) Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, established in 1992, has grown into a internationally renowned digital hub for all things, “language and literacy.” This program has been known to bring literacy to nations across the world with their program called, “Lexia.” Lexia and Rosetta Stone’s database of language curricula for 30+ languages has had a massive impact on today’s world. If you are looking for the best of the best in language learning, use Rosetta Stone.

2) DuoLingo

For those who are looking for ease of learning and fun, DuoLingo is the app for you. DuoLingo uses a game format to inspire active and, at times, addictive learning. It awards you when you spend time learning every day and gives you points for not only understanding what you read, but also what you can speak. This is available across multiple devices and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

3) Babbel

Babbel is another language app. It allows you to take courses online. These courses are designed for busy people, lasting anywhere from 10-15 minutes long. It is user friendly, offers subject-specific courses for those who want to learn lingo associated with certain industries, makes sure you write the language correctly, and also ensures you speak the language well.