Most people enjoy traveling, but most people do not enjoy dealing with transportation. Flying is one of the most stressful ways to travel, and a bad flight can ruin an entire day at your destination. Next time you book a flight, keep these tips in mind to make your trip easier.

Ask for an upgrade.

When you get to your gate and your flight is the next one up, you can always ask for an upgrade. There is no guarantee that you’ll get one, but if you do, you may be able to enjoy perks up to first-class!

Bring noise-cancelling headphones.

Have you ever been on a long-haul flight with a screaming baby? Bring along noise-cancelling headphones to ensure you are not stuck listening to cries for several hours straight.

Pack empty water bottles.

Many people experience bad post-flight effects, from being sick, to being dehydrated, to having bad skin. Drinking water can help combat these symptoms. Bring one empty water bottle through customs, then fill it up at a water fountain near your gate. If you are flying for several hours, consider bringing two per person.

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