Are you ready for a road trip adventure? Maybe you have already road-tripped through the United States and you’re ready for new scenes. Fear not, Canada provides ample highway to guide you through its vast landscape.

Hostel World explains that whether you’re headed from West to East or vice versa, you’re in for a wide range of mind-blowing sights that are just as diverse as they are spectacular. This mammoth country has enough highways and roads to circle around the Earth 22 times, including the world-famous Trans-Canada Highway which stretches a whopping 7500km, or 4,660 miles.

If possible, plan your road trip adventure for the summer months, as Canadian roads in the winter can be not only dangerous but at times impassable. Once you’ve planned the time, you need to secure a car. Lonely Planet recommends buying a used car, but if that is not in your budget you can surely rent a car. Be aware of one-way penalties which can exceed hundreds of dollars. USA Today also suggests that you learn the laws of the road in Canada. Driving in Canada is similar to driving in the United States, but there are certain major differences (e.g., distance is measured in kilometers, not miles). In general, speed limits are lower than in many parts of America. Main highways are usually no more than 80 kilometers/hour (roughly 50 miles per hour).

Once you have secured a time and a means of transportation, plan your route! Because it extends from the Pacific Coast in Vancouver to the Atlantic Coast in Newfoundland, the Trans-Canada Highway will give you a nearly complete tour of Canada. Once your route is planned, make note of which activities you want to do while on your road trip.  Canada has world-class cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto that you will not want to miss out on exploring. In Vancouver, Stanley Park rates number one out 317 in things to do in Vancouver, according to TripAdvisor. While in Montreal, AirBnB states that the jewel of Montreal’s city parks is, without question, Mount Royal. This 200-hectare park occupies part of the mountain that lies in the midst of Montreal island, and includes the highest spot in the city. Fun fact, it is designed by the same architect who designed Central Park in NYC. Lastly, while in Toronto, be sure to check out the CN Tower, one of the nation’s icons and engineering wonder.

When gearing up for a road trip, the best advice is to plan ahead! Although road trips sound spontaneous in nature, just a few hours of planning will save you from possible hours of frustration while on your trip. Make use of the Trans-Canada Highway in order to hit all of the tourist hot spots and most of all, make memories that you will cherish for years to come!