Boston leaves changing

The fall signals the ending of summer and most people preparing for another long winter. The fall is also is great time to do some traveling to many cities that embrace the fall atmosphere. With comfortable temperatures, crowds, and prices dropping, it’s a no brainer traveling to any of these following cities in the fall would make the most adventurous traveler satisfied.

San Francisco

Off peak tourism season means you have the city to yourself to explore. Walking down famous Lombard Street and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is never easier and more enjoyable. Plus if you happen to be traveling with your kids, taking a cable car all over the city to see the sights is an essential thing on anyones “to do” list.


The price of hotels dropping alone makes Vancouver appealing in the fall. Attractions like the International Film Festival and Writers Fest attract locals and many tourists as well. Vancouver being based around a forest  the fall has some very scenic sights to see and places to explore.

New York City

The big apple during apple picking season has some must see attractions, like the beautiful Central Park with the leaves changing. Plus fashion week in September, and the CMJ music festival in October gives you plenty to do. But let’s be honest here, when isn’t the best time to visit New York?


New England is known for its beautiful fall foliage, and Boston in the fall is no exception. Take a stroll through Freedom Trail and check out Boston Common with a nice chill in the air. Plus if the Red Sox are in the World Series hunt taking a brisk trip to Fenway Park is always a must do.


Fall in North America means spring time in Australia. Melbourne, with spring temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s gives you a perfect excuse to go visit. A visit to the Royal Botanic Garden to see the flowers in full bloom can be a nice relaxing experience to take in. If flowers aren’t your thing seeing a the penguin parade at Phillip Island Nature Park is a sight to see.


With thinning crowds from the summer, and cooler temperatures, Paris lives up to all of its key traits making it all so much more alluring. Plus with less crowds finding yourself not waiting in long lines to got to the to top of the Eiffel Tower, or getting a table quickly in a cafe is never easier.