Traveling is many people’s dream. Seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, exotic cuisines… that is what people live for. And that is what I live for. I love to travel and allow the world to inspire me. I love the nature and I love the cities.

The reason most people travel less than they want is money. Vacations can be expensive, and the more you do, the more it costs. Sometimes it can take years to save up enough to go to one destination.

Yet, there are ways around this. In fact, you can get paid to travel around the world a number of ways. If you have wanderlust and a lack of funds, read on to discover some ways you can make money traveling.

Teach English

English fluency is quickly growing around the world, as more businesses delve into international waters and American media becomes more prevalent. As the need for English teachers rises, so does the amount of opportunities for native English speakers to get jobs teaching abroad. However, because of an increase in competition, it is mandatory in many places to be certified to teach English as a second language. If you don’t mind working as you travel, and want to stay in one place for at least a year, I would suggest teaching English in order to travel abroad.


InterExchange is a type of foreign exchange program that sets up job opportunities in other countries for people who want to travel, but need to work. Jobs include au pairs, teaching assistants, and conversation coaches, but there are many more. One thing to note is there can be stipulations for who is accepted into the program, particularly if you are working with children. If you are just out of college and do not need to save a ton of money, this can be an excellent option for you.


Crowdfunding has taken off in popularity, and GoFundMe is one of the top crowdfunding sites. You can customize your campaign however you’d like, and hopefully reach your goal. Sharing your GoFundMe on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, could help you gain more support. If you plan to do anything particularly useful, such as volunteering or making a documentary, be sure to mention this in your project. You are more likely to get donations if you have a good reason to go.

House Sit

Have you heard of house sitting? Yes, I do mean looking over someone’s house while they are away. There is a way you can get paid for it! Consider joining a reputable site, such as TrustedHouseSitter. You can find short, medium, or long stays just about anywhere in the world. Some people will not pay you to house sit, while others might. The most important thing to do before jumping in is to research the owner, the area, and the expectations. Make sure your needs and wants match theirs, and if they do, bon voyage!

Traveling can be expensive, but there are so many ways to combat the price tag. Look into these four options if you are interested in traveling but have no funds available.

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