The month of August is the most traveled and vacationed month of the year. We want to make our trip perfect, there are certain things that can get out of control and the only way to avoid them is with proper planning. To ensure the best possible travel experience, follow these packing hints and safety strategies for air travel and beyond.

Use a toiletry bag for electrical items. Most people carry chargers for iPads and smartphones, and sometimes additional batteries. Rather than fishing around in a suitcase, pack all of these in a waterproof, zippered bag so they’ll all be together in one handy spot.

Packing plastic grocery bags. Let’s say you find yourself on a sandy beach, or you get caught in a downpour. Plastic grocery bags can be a lifesaver for wet, dirty clothes, or as a cover for cameras and phones.

Email a copy of your itinerary and important documents to yourself. In case of an emergency when a bag gets lost or stolen, heading to the nearest cafe for wifi to recover everything can be a real lifesaver. Another tip is to have around the neck, or under the belt pouch to carry important documents.

When traveling overseas, use ATM and credit cards. Banks generally have the best possible exchange rates. Instead of searching for local currency, make purchases with your ATM or credit card. Make sure to check the transaction fees before landing, as international fees can add up. Don’t forget to notify your bank and credit card company about where you are going and when you’ll be there, so all transactions will be approved.

Separate your money. Budget out how much cash you will bring out each day. Going back to keeping important documents around your neck or in a bag close to your waist.

Research, Research, Research. Before hopping on a plane make sure you do your homework on the destination first. Refer to reading materials such as National Geographic magazine, and relevant books. Don’t forget about personal blogs on the internet to familiarize yourself with weather conditions, public transportation, and for international travel, the laws and social etiquettes of a country.

Following these helpful travel tips during the busiest time of the year, or anytime you travel, can ensure an organized, slightly less stressed trip.