Canada is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. There are so many different types of activities, cultures, foods, and attractions to experience. Some of the best places I would recommend to visit would be the following five locations:

1) Vancouver

Vancouver is my favorite town in the world, and I’m not just saying that because I grew up there. This town is known for its livability and must-see views. Whether you want to sail down the Fraser River, ski on Grouse Mountain, or visit the inner city, there are endless things to keep you happy and busy.

2) Whistler

Finding its home near Vancouver is the great town of Whistler. It is known as one of the world’s greatest skiing and snowboarding locations. With a season running between late Fall and mid-Spring, the slopes never cease to captivate its visitors with heavy snowfall. The Olympic games even found its way there in 2010.

3) Toronto

The CN Tower, which is a whopping 1,815 feet tall, looms overhead in downtown Vancouver. The city lights are spectacular. One might relate Toronto to NYC in the United States, except it is more tidy and glamorous. There’s plenty of shopping and sites to see in the city, and it is known around the world to be one of Canada’s biggest tourist destinations.

4) Niagara Falls

When you’re in Toronto, make sure to skip across the pond to Niagara Falls. Although it spans across Canada and the USA, it is still known as one of Canada’s, and the world’s, greatest landmarks. It combines three powerful waterfalls into one pool, where tours are given on the daily. Make sure to wear a poncho for show, but don’t expect it to keep you dry! If you want to capture your travels here, make sure to waterproof your camera or purchase a waterproof camera to keep your gear safe.

5) The Canadian Rockies

Finding its home in both Alberta and British Columbia, The Canadian Rockies offer some of the most spectacular views the world has ever known. It is akin to the Swiss Alps in Europe, longed-for by travelers everywhere. Adventurous folks should plan this mountain range into their travels if they wish to hike or camp on the mountain faces. There are numerous slopes for people to enjoy, lakes to bask in, and rocks to climb.